IntroductionResearch & Develop (R&D)
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Research & Develop (R&D)

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Since health care has the highest sensitivity and requirements than other branches of production.

In the field of design and production of high sensitivity and requires skilled manpower and organizational structure of regular, accurate and objective is.

  Research and development at Birch companies employing technical experts and the world, with the potential to meet the needs of all potential customers, its top priority in the following fields:

   Research conducted in order to detect and identify customer needs and Bazarhdf

   design new products according to the needs identified

   developing and improving the quality and performance of the product in order to increase customer satisfaction

   changes in the technical specifications of new products to meet customer needs.

   Identify research and efforts to apply modern technologies in new product design

   Identify the material world and trying to localize its application

   Continued efforts on identifying and using appropriate and high quality components in accordance with the latest technology world

   Identification and implementation of technical standards and related management

   production and dissemination of knowledge in organization







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