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Ethylene oxide sterilization (ETO)
Ethylene Oxide (ETO) to sterilize medical products (which can withstand high temperature steam or not) is mainly used. Such devices and products including plastic containers and fabric polymer.
The gas is mixed with air to form a mixture of at least 3% ETO gas is explosive. The boiling point of pure ETO gas at a pressure of one atmosphere º C10.73. Many times, it can be mixed with nitrogen or CO2. This situation requires a zoning explosive material safety (ATEX), for the safety of people and the process is sterile.
ETO harmful effects on the human body due to personal safety, is a very important issue. Contaminated areas should be using gas detectors to monitor for any leaks in different locations can be monitored. Audio and visual alarms shall be provided as required. When the chamber was sterilized with ETO gas system must give notice to the operator.
Toxic gas when it was removed from the chamber using heat torches, scrubber, oxidation or other transportation facilities to prevent contamination of the environment.
Sterilization process ETO:
Most lines ETO sterilized is composed of three stages. This process can be divided into three different sections depending on the size and dimensions of the device are:
When the parts are separated, system loading / unloading automation is required. It also saves time for the operator is protected from exposure to contaminated environments.
Preparation phase:
First, products are placed in situations where microorganisms grow. These include the control environment at the same time include the following:
The sterile
The products are sterilized through a long and complex cycle. Requirements of such a system include:
Accurate temperature control.
Availability of control systems.
Precise control of pressure and vacuum.
Easy viewing of process steps
Requirements in accordance with the instruction.
Clearance testing through automated batch system.
Online reporting process.
Security lock the doors.
Warning System
Emergency shutdown.
Constantly review Tasyslt
In this cycle, precise temperature control is very important and is used in the heating jacket. As the overall cycle time of approximately 6 hours.
Security Locks and ETO air vents are also used.
Astrylshaml main stages:
Start time delay for monitoring system stability
 The temperature of the General
The initial vacuum
Leakage test
Gas Injection
Sterile next time
Several air injection and evacuation
Air finals
A comprehensive report will be provided during the implementation process.
Any abnormal conditions during the cycle automatically stops the process and there is a certain recipe for every situation
The documentation is archived for future review.
After moving the temporary storage of goods to be sent to the laboratory for culture and biochemical tests.
The product is used after laboratory confirmation.















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