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One of the fundamental goals of the organization in terms of quantity and quality of development at Birch Run was established. The organization has a staff of over 80 people to more than 2,000 square meters of manufacturing space and working space in accordance with the principles of GMP clean room has matured.

To meet the demands of our customers and offer products according to their needs, the most important objectives of the company in accordance with technical standards based on the latest edition of skilled, committed and young occurs.
come to achieve the following:

• extensive export to Middle East countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and ...

• increase production capacity and variety of products

• creating employment division multiple units and agencies active in

Now we're glad we were able to continue their activities from 1374, so far stood the test of inquiry and provide the necessary medical equipment, consumer confidence also want to attract. Evidence of this can get a good indication of the Minister of Labour and Social Entrepreneurship in 1388, the Medal of Honor from the president and the honors and numerous other. This was not achieved without reliance on the creative minds of young scientists and the hands of the Iranian workers vigorous thinker of this land.









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